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Angle Check Valve

Technical Description Material: Cast iron Seal: Ding cyanide rubber Important 1.5” Export: NPT 1.5” Package: 12PCS/CASE Net Weight: 24Kg Gross Weight: 26Kg Dimension:280×270×280mm

Breakaway Valve

Break Away coupling Valve designed to install on the fuel delivery hose, when under a certain tension, break away valve will separate. Two valves automatically in place, cutting off the fuel flow, limit fuel leakage, protect gas equipment and ensure safety. Material: Body: aluminum alloy Seal: fluorine rubber, butyl cyanide rubber Features: Pull: 3/4 "within the scope of the 250 pounds plus or minus 5% tension will separate, 1" within the scope of the 300 pounds plus or minus 5% tension will separate.

Foot Valve Dual Poppet

It is use between oil pipelines the oil gun, built-in non-return valve, one-time use. When tension is too large, automatic fault, shut down automatically at the same time, to prevent oil spills. Type (channel): straight through Work pressure difference: 2.5 Material: stainless steel Flow direction: one-way Pressure: atmospheric Product alias: shut-off valve Medium temperature: (30 ℃) Connection: fast loading Scope of application: gas stations Use: locking Applicable medium: oil drives Mode: manual

Gear Pump A

Gear pumps body material: aluminum alloy low pressure casting; for gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other mixed fuel. Pump body with the oil and gas separator, check valve, relief valve, pressure reducing valve, inlet and outlet filter.

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